“I want to give a huge shout out to Tami Anderson for helping us complete a very successful launch of an awesome project! Her dedication, commitment and passion for helping us make this project a huge success is something that was special to me and I want to recommend her services to others.” 




– Maru Iabichela

Infinite Receiving

“Tami whipped up an amazing PDF for me in just 1 day. Not only was it exactly what I wanted, but it was even better. I didn’t need any revisions at all! If you need any design work done, hire Tami. She won’t let you down!”




 “I highly recommend Tami, for your next project. Not only is she super-dupes creative, but she is great at following up and taking care of the client – LOVE YOU! I am always dealing with multiple projects for my business, and she made everything clear, simple and beautiful. She created something for me that really hit the nail on the head. I couldn’t have done it without you Tami!!”


– Misti Patrella

“It was a pleasure working with Tami. She was easy to work with and created a beautiful sales page for me that is attracting my ideal clients.  I look forward to working with her again in the future.”

-Shade Adu

“Tami did an amazing job with my Facebook business page. She was quick to respond and her work is beautiful. She made the process easy and smooth.”


“Tami takes real pride in her work! She went over and above to provide me more options when I needed them. She also took a personal interest in what I was doing and WHY I needed the graphics done, which was refreshing!”

– Abby Phon

Holistic Health & Wellness Coach at abbyhon.com

“Seriously Love it!!!! I have chills everywhere! IT’S PERFECT!!!!!”



“I <3 the website that Tami Anderson created for me! I feel proud telling people my website address now and I didn’t before. Having a place that creatively and beautifully represents what you’re about feels good and helps clients start to get to know you right away. Thanks, Tami.”

- Michelle Vina-Baltsas

“I would rate my overall experience working with Tami as a 10! Completely Amazing! I am kind of hard to please. However, Tami took directions extremely well and gave me the sales page of my dreams. My mood board was fantastic and set the scene for my successful launch. When I launched my group coaching program, The 31 Dream Job Plan,  back in January I was completely nervous. My professional done sales page gave me the courage to pitch my course with confidence and I was a to sale out my course in my first launch. Before working with Tami this was only a dream. Thank you, Thank you, Thank You Tami!”

– Tammy Perry

Creator of 31 Day Dream Job Plan

‘Tami is one of these rare finds and knows exactly what your website should be. She creates beauty from the inside out and lets her magic unfold to create the most beautiful websites’


- Karen Whitelaw-Smith

Psychic Intuitive Visionary

“OHHHHH MMMYYYYYY GOOOOOOODDDDNNNNNEEESSSS. You are a total genius and I adore them. Oooooh I love working with you this is so super exciting. Thank you for making my branding dreams come true xx ”

– Lara Ledsham

Love & Empowerment Coach

“You were SO accommodating and flexible to my requests for edits, more time, extended radio silences, etc. And when I came back and asked for a particular deadline you were able to accommodate that as well! I also LOVED the fact that you were above and beyond in providing so many options for me to choose from. That’s really helpful when someone is particular like me!”


Story Coach & Message Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs

“Before Tami came along, my old website was amateur looking and not mobile friendly at all. I confess now that I had a bit of website shame. Today, with Tami’s help, my website is now something I am proud of! Her approach to branding was comprehensive and she listened and adhered to everything I wanted my site to feel like. Plus, her ability to select just the right photos made a huge difference in how the energy of my website shifted. I can’t believe I made it to this point with a professional stylish website to match where I am going with my business and it is mobile friendly finally, all thanks to Tami at Feather and Ink design!”

– Renee Li

Spiritual Mentor and Healer

“Working with Tami has been absolutely wonderful. The branding process has intimated me. It’s overwhelmed me. Its felt restrictive – like. “We’re going to have this ONE look try to capture ALL that I do??” Tami has been extremely patient, innovative, understanding. She’s helped to bring to life something that was just an idea in my brain.”



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