Every project starts with a project agreement and a deposit either in full or via two installments of half the total cost. The deposit is required to book your project and secure a spot on our schedule. The deposit will be applied to your project total, and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation. Payment and signature are required for acceptance of these terms. After these initial steps, we’ll usually kick off with a creative brief (questionnaire), a Pinterest board and a phone call if needed to be sure everyone is on the same page. At this time you can tell us about yourself and/or your business, mention any mandatory elements that must be included in your design and ask any questions you might have about us or about your project in general. From our experience the best designs are created when we know the most about the client we are working with, so it is best for you to give us as much information as possible before we start the conceptual process. For smaller projects, we may just work via email to exchange project details. Then we’ll start the design process and work through revisions via email. Once your project is finalized, you’ll pay your final invoice and receive your final files.


The best way to gather design ideas and create mood boards is to set up a private board on Pinterest, ( and share the link with us. We can both collaborate on this board and add ideas with notes letting us know what you like or are drawn to. The more focus and thought the better! In order to invite us to a private pin board, we need to be following each other. You may also send photos of yourself, your office, and anything that inspires you. We use this inspiration to find a common theme and create your brand.


Once we have learned everything we can from you we put the pencil to the paper. We brainstorm, we design and we deliver. At this time you are given the opportunity to review your designs, and sometimes this is all it takes and you are able to simply select a design. Of course we would love to tell you that this is how every project ends up, but in reality it’s not. So during this stage you will also be able to provide us with any feedback and or revisions that you may have for the concept that you select. We will work together with you to refine your design and create the perfect representation of your business or special day. If we are developing multiple components, you must approve one step before we move on to the next. For example, to avoid any maintenance fees you must approve your website design prior to development.


A deposit of 50% of project total is required to book your project and secure a spot on our schedule. The deposit will be applied to your project total, and is non-refundable in the event of a cancellation.


Before we start your project, we ask that you sign the contract and return it via email. Payment is taken in advance of project. For projects over $2000.00, payment can be split into 2, with balance due before files are delivered. The deposit paid to book your project will be taken off the total; invoice will be emailed to you and paid through Paypal or check. A processing fee will be added to international project.


We take on rush projects when our schedule allows. Most rush projects will take between 1-2 weeks, with a 200.00 fee added to the total project. Rush projects must be paid in full before beginning work. *Does not include website or blog development.



A concept is defined as a new idea or whole new design. A revision is defined as any minor change to your selected design concept. Some examples or revisions are changing the color, font, layout or placement of your design. Each package comes with a certain number of concepts and revisions (specified on a per project basis in your contract).

REVISIONS: Can take between 1-3 days, but will always be expedited whenever possible.

DELUXE BRANDING: Four logo concepts, with up to 2 revisions on chosen concept. Once the logo is finalized, the rest of the brand identity will be designed based upon the logo.

LOGO DESIGN: Three concepts, 2 revisions on chosen design.

OTHER DESIGN PIECES: 1-2 revisions on created pieces


Good communication between client and designer is a must. If client or designer becomes ill or has an emergency during the project, a small delay (1-2 weeks) is acceptable. Quick response is needed when approving files. If client is slow to respond, and the project goes past the ‘project end date’ without discussing and adjusting the date first, they will pay a 20% ‘re-start’ fee to jump back in and complete the project.


We do our best to start your project as soon as possible, all start date time frames are approximate. You will receive initial concepts 2 weeks after payment has been made in full (If payment has been split, you will receive initial concepts 2 weeks after your first installment has been made). Quick review of your concepts and revisions, and reasonable response time is the key to finishing your project on a desired schedule. We pride ourselves in our quick turnaround time and together with your help; will bring your designs to reality. If the client stops the project, it will be cancelled in entirety after one month unless prior arrangements are made. If all communication is broken by the client, and remains unresolved for 30 days or more the project will be considered abandoned. No refunds will be given. Abandoned projects may be reinstated at the discretion of the designer for an additional 50% of the initial design rate.


All websites and blogs that are completed with a Feather & Ink design must include the legal line at the bottom stating, “Copyright © 2017 Site made with ♥ by Feather & Ink Design Studio. All rights reserved”. This line must include a link to the Feather & Ink Design Studio website at all times and be left on the site.


All photos should be zipped into one file and uploaded as one package. All text for your site should be placed into a word document and uploaded in the Dropbox folder created for you.


Once final approval has been made on your project and your final payment has been made you will receive all of your files. All design files will be provided upon completion of project, delivered via Dropbox. We ask that you download these files immediately, and save them to your computer. Files can be moved on our end, causing you to lose access if they are not downloaded properly.

You will receive a brand guide / style sheet including all font and color information needed to maintain your brand. We are unable to send the actual fonts, and most fonts we use are available to purchase online.

Every project is different. I will provide you with whatever file types are needed for printing or for web use. Original, native design files are not delivered with any design package I offer.


If communication is broken by the client (meaning, no response to email or phone calls) for 30 days or longer, the project is considered abandoned. No refunds will be given, and the project will be taken of the schedule. If client cancels mid-project, no refunds will be given, and design work will not be delivered.


Refunds are determined based upon the stage of your specific project. Due to the custom nature of our work, no refunds are permitted after development has begun on any project. Refunds are not given on design work booked and scheduled. Refunds on deposits are not given.


Payments that are received past scheduled due date or project completion date will occur a late payment fee.


All above information will be sent in the form of a Project Agreement along with your first invoice. Signature is required for acceptance of these terms.






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